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A Solid Record of Leadership and Community Involvement (cont.):

McKinleyville Community Services District

Board Member, 1997-2001

A four year elected position in the unincorporated community of McKinleyville. As the local governing body in McKinleyville, the MCSD provides water and wastewater services, street lighting, as well as park and recreational services. Responsible for budget of $1.8 million.

McKinleyville General Plan

Citizen’s Advisory Committee Member, 1995-2002

McKinleyville CAC members were appointed by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisor’s to update the 1985 General Plan and develop policies addressing circulation, natural resource protection, development timing, zoning and land use.

Redwood National Park Association

Board Member, 2000-2005

A not-for-profit partner cooperating association that enhances public interpretative activities through the development of publications and support of the educational programs of Redwood National Park. Responsible for annual budget of $340,000.

Redwood Region Economic Development Commission

Director, 1999-2001

RREDC is a collaboration of 18 Humboldt County communities coordinating county-wide economic development by expanding the opportunities for capital available through EDA and HUD loaning activities to local businesses and organizations.

North Coast Pollution Prevention Committee

Member 1993-2002, President 1996-1998

California Water Environment Association

North Coast Section

President 1996-1998 Student Liaison 1994-2002

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