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Larry & Sandra Margler

Patti Fleschner

Lucinda Bradshaw

Jeff Dunk

Julie Lewis

Ron & Edith Fritzsche

Karole Ely

Rose Welsh

Linda & David Glen

Roger Rodoni

Jill & Dwain Mefford

Mark Lovelace

Felicia Oldsfather

Monica Campbell

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Carpenters Local 751

Bryce & Gail Kenny

Chuck & Jean Harvey

Terry Roberts

Kay Mannix

Holly Hutcheson

Connie Butler

Operating Engineers Local #3

Jim Kucharek

Russ & Dianne Harris

John McRae

Linda Parkinson

John Woolley

Judith Schmidt

Greg & Teri Bundros

Andrea Arnot

Frank Onstine

David & Jean Durbin

Ken & Carol Alcorn


About Jill Geist

A Solid Record of Leadership and Community Involvement:

Humboldt County Board of Supervisors

Fifth District Supervisor, 2002-current

Chairwoman 2004

The Fifth District is bounded by the Trinity, Klamath and Mad Rivers and encompasses the communities of Orleans, Weitchepec, Hoopa, Willow Creek, Blue Lake, Fieldbrook, McKinleyville, Westhaven, Trinidad, Big Lagoon and Orick. Member of, but not limited to: North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District, Indian Gaming Committee, Klamath River Basin Fisheries Task Force, Redwood Coast Energy Authority, Beach and Dunes Committee, Whole Child Interagency Council, Methamphetamine Task Force and Hazardous Materials Response Authority. Responsible for budget of $220 million, and 1,800 employees. See a list of Jill’s committee appointments.

City of Arcata

Environmental Compliance Analyst
October 1987 – December 2002

Responsible for reviewing and implementing state and federal legislative changes to the Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act; developing water and wastewater implementation programs for the protection of public health and the environment.

Coastal Grove Charter School


Founding member of Coastal Grove Charter School, a Waldorf based education for children located in Arcata. Secured funding, developed charter document, school board policies, staff hiring, outreach, budgeting, fundraising and school siting. Coastal Grove serves K-8th grade.

Humboldt Bay Shellfish Technical Advisory Committee - Chair


Secured State funding, research to investigate remediation strategies for pollution affecting the shellfish growing waters of Humboldt Bay, developed and administered an inter-agency water quality study of Humboldt Bay tributaries and bay water.