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Support Jill Geist for Fifth District Supervisor

Endorses Jill Geist for Fifth District Supervisor!

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Endorses Jill Geist for Fifth District Supervisor!


Jill Geist’s experience in local and regional government, her community service record, her technical expertise, her ability to bring people and organizations together, her enthusiasm, integrity and leadership are exactly what we need in the Fifth District of Humboldt County.

“As a working parent and a daughter, I understand the challenges facing our families. I became involved with local issues to ensure that as our community grows, we retain the elements that create our quality of life,” Jill says.

While the Fifth District is the largest geographical District in Humboldt County, possessing a wide diversity of people and unique communities, in large we share common goals and interests. “As your Supervisor, I am proud of the accomplishments we have made in the Fifth District.”

Over the past three years, Jill has successfully worked towards:

Jill continues, “I work proactively towards creative solutions that improve quality of life. My actions demonstrate that I listen before leading, integrating the communities’ wisdom and insights, so that our County is a desirable place to live, work and raise our families.”

Jill Keeps her Job!

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped!